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Show Cancelled

Show Cancelled For Today


After preparing for the show we came down to a sad realization that the show could not and would not air today. It is to my sad disappointment that I must announce the cancellation for tonight’s show. At first plans were smooth, but after much consideration we learned that in all it has become completely impossible for the show to air today. However, on the next show we will be doing a special completely about The Happy Daze tour Dexs and Dylan are traveling to. We hope that everyone enjoys their day as we continue on our journey to write and express ourselves.





May 7th!

So I decided since I’m hosting the show this Friday that I might want to post something upon the blog so people can get a feel for what exactly I’m doing. I think it helps artists relate to those who focus upon them. Whether or not I’m right its how I see things.

 The Night

Yesterday was a beautiful sunday and I cannot say that I’ve had more fun sitting around with a group of miss matched fools who play D&D (Dungeons & Dragons). It was late and we just let our minds ramble because we were blown away by the Prom the night before. I’m not usually a Prom goer, but this is my last year and I figured I should make an appearance. So we had everything set out: Prom, Tacos, D&D and sleep. It was an entire night of what we were hoping on calling nerding out. Now I feel a little like sleeping because my brain couldn’t stop rotating last night and I feel like passing out already! So now everyone is exhuasted and I know I should of brought an ice pack to school.

At some point in time we turned over to the mall to go see a movie, but decided against since there was nothing we could see. Instead we bought me some new ICP gear. I think Hatchgear should have its own shop sometimes. It would be very awesome and people could get a look that ICP isn’t the only band like that, there are hundreds out there and if there was a Hatchgear store they would probably supply it. Now continuing my long tale on our way out of Jordan Creek I saw this terrible poster that makes me realize my planning skills are completely terrible. Iron Man 2….




The Problem

So, yes Iron Man 2 looks to be an awesome movie, but then it hit me and I began to cry! May 7th! That’s the day InKspired decided to air my show! The bastards! How could they be so terrible at managing a date when would be best for InKspired to air. Sure I started the entire thing, but I work with a group of people and now with all the advertisements I’ve placed locately and online I can’t just go back and redo them. No, instead I’ve decided I’m going to stay true to my word and ride the damned lower wave to the very end of life. I’m sure that some Marvel fan out there is disappointed by the film and won’t go. Again though thats like asking my life to be kind to me. In truth I’m riding the single hopes that Saturday will be a better day for most people to go. Who knows maybe I’ll reach the wanted goal of 100 maybe I’ll hit 0 for the whole hour and 15 minutes.


Wish me luck and I hope to see you all there!


InKspired’s May Newsletter

The Type of Newsletter That Doesn’t Stink


Hello all bloggers from A to Z,

This is InKspired trying something new! Every month from now on we will post a newsletter containing information about our plans, goals, outlook, and show times. This is our first newsletter and its for the month of May as you might have quessed already. Awhile back InKspired had moved locations and we were sitting pondering exactly what we could do to get the every changing idea. When we first started to grow we thought just a small town idea would be great, but now we want to expand and reach out to everyone who wants to get a glimpse of what we are. If this is your first time hearing about InKspired go ahead and take a look at our F.A.Q.s page and maybe even the About page. We want to do everything we can to help you, our viewers, understand us more. Our first goal is to be able to reach out to all of you and that is what we plan to strive for.




Our current plans are still undeveloped due to our ambisions to earn enough money to build the perfect website for InKspied. We plan to build the best possible website and give our gans a real place to connect with us and one another. Though this plan is still in affect we know that it might be months before the site is finished. When the site does come up we are hope to have not only a page where you can talk to the members of InKspired via chat, but also a page where all our fans can come together. In our highest hope the site should be up and running sometime before the end of year or this time next year.

The second plan we have is to resupply our camera equipment which has caused so many problems in the last year for us. A current video project we are working with is the main need for the new equipment. We plan on purchasing this new equipment and software before anything else due to the fact this equipment is what makes everything possible for InKspired.




We have three goals currently and they are short so this section of the newsletter wont have to occupy the entire page.  The first goal we have is to reach 100 viewers/chatters in our show on May 7th! Its a big dream to slowly increase that number until we have the ability to host our shows on the future website. The second goal is to finish editing our new youtube mini-series. Another new idea of ours, mini-series hosted upon youtube that as well might take point on the future website. The final goal of ours is to finish making this blog! Yes we know there is already tons of information on the site, but there is still more we have to fulfill. Were stilling missing information for three of our other crew members we want everyone to be filled in before the big day on May 7th.




Yes the lovely things called shows. Here I’m simply going to post the show, a little information about it, and the time schedule.


Grand Reopening/Monthly InKspired

The monthly show is our way of getting down with our viewers to chat about the way things are going with InKspired and the crew.
Show times:
First and Second Friday from 3:45-5:00pm

For now we have nothing more planned than these two shows, which is fine since it gives us time to prepare for everything including our new youtube series. Though its still a sercret as of now we hope it will be something bigger in the years to come.



Thank you for look over to us for the first of the month. May your May 1st be as amazing as our!