InKspired History


InKspired started back in 2003 in the small town of Pomeroy, Iowa. Though nothing major ever came from InKspired in that time it was mostly a few kids playing around with a camera hoping to have some fun with their meager lives. In 2006 InKspired moved towards the still small town of Colfax where many members signed on and a true program was starting to take form. It was difficult for anything to truly take form at the current time due to the cost of producing your own show needing more than just equipment and space, but also the skills to create it. The year is currently 2010 and InKspired takes another large step to firmly build the always growing into the dream that was originally inspired by Olivia Kopitzke or as most call her, Dexs Adries.


Dexs Adries the Creator

Dexs Adries originally started the InKspired idea because she wanted to be able to broadcast what she calls the Lower Wave. A wave that most people don’t pay attention to and don’t care to learn about. Though Dexs is only 18 she started the program when she was 13 when inspired by her mother’s idea for the name ‘InKspired’ which has been the name since. Dexs has always been once for new ideas and is doing her best to continue her skills in computer design and media. A future photographer and website creator is what lies ahead for her.

Gamer Guy


Dylan the Gamer Guy

Dylan is a new addition to the InKspired team and has recently taken up an interest in joining InKspired’s mission to ride the Lower Wave. Dylan and Dexs met during their school time together at Norwalk High School in January in 2010. Dylan hopes to contribute a large part to the InKspired show by discussing games both for console, PC, and for your table top. As a member of the Inverted D&D youtube series, InKspired is glad to have him aboard as he takes the leap into the new revised internet show. Though this is his first time, we are expecting much from him.



Kc Cannon


Kc the Cannon

Kc is another new addition to the InKspired team and is working as not only the site’s blogger, but also contributes to art that we support here at InKspired. Kc was also one of the lucky few to meet Dexs at Norwalk High School and though she is much younger than the rest of the crew we hope to see much improvement in her abilities as she tags along side InKspired with her creative imagination and unique writing skills. Unsure if the young artist will brave herself to have her own show we have kept a warm heart for our youngest little member as we watch her grow alongside the small growing giant of InKspired.

    • kc cannon
    • April 30th, 2010

    I FLIPPIN LOVE THIS, it looks great so far dex and im impressed on how well an fast you’re getting this done KEEP THE GOOD WORK UP

  1. I’m very excited for this project and I can’t wait till we undergo the new show. Look out for May 1st when the first brand new InKspired Newsletter is placed up on the. The Newsletter will include the schedule for the show and plans for our Youtube account. I hope to see a lot of people looking into us int he coming future!


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