F.A.Q.’s You May Want To Know


Q: What does InKspired stand for?
A: InKspired stands for a sort of freedom of expression and art. The title itself is to be inspired by ink. It catchy to some and we like that about it. As writers, poets and artists, we all get our hands dirty with ink every now and again. So we make sure to stand for exactly that.

Q: What is InKspired’s show?
A: The show is hosted by www.stickam.com where we use our account to broadcast a live show to anyone who cares to log into stickam or just watch the site. Stickam users even have the ability to join us in a chatroom and discuss the session over with us while those who are not members of stickam simply are allowed to watch.

Q: What are your shows about?
A: A common question asked every time we advertise our show. InKspired likes to talk about all things related to the Lower Wave, which in truth means the thrown away discussions. The things that most people didn’t want to listen to the first time because some other famous person was more interesting. A few major discussions follow along the lines of: games, music, poetry, and even some art work.

Q: What happens if I miss a show?
A: Don’t worry about it. Not only do we use www.stickam.com to host our shows, but we also record them for your viewing pleasures.

Q: How often are your shows?
A: InKspired currently has three monthly shows. Every first and third Friday we have our regular show where we discuss all of the other major topics. The first Monday of every month is a short half hour session where Dexs Adries discusses poetry with any viewers at the time.  Other shows are still be planned at this time.

Q: Who stars in your show?
A: Well for each author of InKspired there is a show that they themselves star in. First off there is Dexs Adries the Creator who stars in her Monday show about poetry. Then there is Dylan the Gamer Guy who stars in his own show. Malcom and Catfish will also star in their own show, but for now it is unknown when exactly there shows will start.

Q: Who makes up InKspired?
A: There have been many members of InKspired, but the current crew of members are Dexs Adries, Dylan, Malcom, Catfish, Chris, and Kacci.

Q: How do you become a member of InKspired?
A: A good question. InKspired would love to be able to recruit members simply over the web, but in truth we keep our membership to the people who have had the opportunity to speak with Dexs herself. One day we are hoping to be able to branch out and gain members in any location.

Q: What is the purpose of InKspired?
A: InKspired’s purpose is simple. We are here to help people not only be themselves and express themselves, but also to create new ideas and grow to be something amazing. For our viewers we hope to inspire others by our own actions.

Q: Why did you start InKspired?
A: InKspired was originally started to discuss music and bands that were coming out in 2003, but as her artistic talents grew Dexs expanded the goals of InKspired because she wanted to show the world not only what she could do, but also a new way of expressing themselves. She hopes to reach out to many people across the world one day and see the smiles on their faces.

Q: Is InKspired global?
A: Currently to our disappointment InKspired is not global. Though one day we hope to proudly change this question to a yes. As of now we fight to remain at least local to some viewers and work our hardest to reach out to others through the internet.

Q: How did you come up with the blog?
A: InKspired needed a way to post monthly newsletters and updates to our fans so it became a large issue. Soon Dexs Adries discussed the idea of a blog to some of the other members and within time this blog came forth. We hope that all our fans can get a real feel for InKspired through this.

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